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About SkidWeigh Technology

The innovative SkidWeigh technology modularization approach to the instrument architecture design is the most economical solution of being able to provide our products with consistent quality, low cost of ownership on short notice delivery times to meet the end user's specific requirements.

The Load Handling Vehicle Monitoring System development, worldwide Patented Technology allows the material handling facilities to monitor automatically on each vehicle the operational raw data, driving and standing loaded and unloaded, lift times, number of lifts, and calculating, recording and visually showing to the operator current status of the true industrial vehicle utilization status in real-time.

The ED SkidWeigh Series are the only known onboard check weighing systems used in material handling operations in multiple quantities of 10, 25, 50 and more units at the same operational facilities.

The hydraulic pressure transducers used for all of the SkidWeigh products are custom made and manufactured in Switzerland of the highest quality and standards required for demanding heavy duty applications that ensure survivability in the rugged material handling operational environment.

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Total Business Solutions & Competitive Advantage

With over 200 software algorithms / hardware configurations in stock, more than 90% of our products are supplied directly to the lift truck dealers for North American and overseas market are customized and completely tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Committed to the OEM's, lift truck accessories suppliers and lift truck dealers fast response, systems applications assistance, reputation for innovative technology that allows simple installation & calibration, maintenance free is a proof of our broad products portfolio.

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